Wietske Poelman

   Wietske Poelman 31 maaie 2016 lyts        Place of residence: Gerkesklooster-Stroobos


E-mail: fnp@fryslan.frl

Tel: +0031-58-2925803


Fraction secretary. Manager of the Bureau. In charge of agendas, minutes of the meetings and archives. To make an appointment or for general information Wietske can help you. In office monday till tuesday but available via E-mail every working day of the week.


Yde Dijkstra
 Yde portet b 15 maart 2011     Place of residence: Ljouwert


E-mail: y.dijkstra@fryslan.frl

Tel: +0031-58-2925803


Political advisor. Supports the fraction in all issues. Is our researcher, poses questions, writes memo's. Content manager of our website and press contacts. For any questions about FNP viewpoints, resolutions, amendments and provincial policies you should ask him (in office monday till thursday).




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