NEWS   16-03-2023

FNP is growing, also in these regional elections

The elections for the Frisian Parliament yesterday showed that the people in Fryslân want a strong regional voice. Next to BBB (BoerBurgerBeweging, an agrarian political party), which is the outright winner of these elections, FNP has managed to attract thousands of extra voters and gain also in terms of percentage. In five Frisian municipalities we are now the second party, behind BBB.

Party leader Sijbe Knol: ‘We congratulate BBB, the outright winner of these elections. Yesterday a political landslide has taken place. We thank all the people who voted for us, and we are proud of all our people, members and volunteers, who helped us to conduct a great campaign. Different than the national parties, we have done it on our own; that bodes well for the future.


As things stand now, FNP will retain four seats in the Frisian Parliament. In the assembly of the Frisian Water Authority we made substantial progress and will receive one extra seat, from two to three seats. Our party has existed for 61 years and stand on solid foundations.


We thank all our voters for their trust in us.


Sijbe Knol (political leader Frisian Parliament)

Bert Vollema (political leader Frisian Water Authority)

Jan Arendz (president FNP Fryslân)

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