NEWS   14-12-2020

Frisian parties are backing Minority SafePack

A very large majority in the Frisian Parliament wants that the European Union, in its legislation and policy, takes into account the national minorities and the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists across Europe.

Ten of the twelve parties in the Frisian Parliament put forward a resolution in support of the Minority SafePack Initiative. Together with the initiators CDA and FNP also GrienLinks, D66, SP, VVD, PvdA, PvdD, 50PLUS and ChristenUnie are of the opinion that the European Union shall take into account the national minorities and the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists across Europe. The members of parliament who formerly belonged to Forum and PVV are currently still considering whether they too will support the resolution.


CDA-Member Attje Meekma: ‘Such a wide endorsement shows the support there is in Fryslân for protecting our language and culture. That is something we not only have to ensure in Fryslân and in the Netherlands, but also in the European Union. Because in our daily life, many things are also influenced by legislation and policies of the EU.'


Just like the Province of Fryslân stands up for our rich diversity of languages (Frisian, Stellingwerfs, Bildts, the city languages), the European citizens' initiative Minority SafePack wants that also the European Union takes the smaller languages into account.


FNP-Chair Sijbe Knol: ‘The regions in the EU found each other in the citizens' initiative and claim their place on the table. With more than one million signature a clear signal was sent. As Frisian Parliament we can amplify that signal.'


The resolution is discussed in the Frisian Parliament on Wednesday. Many more regional and national parliaments urge the European Union to start working on the Minority SafePack Initiative. On Tuesday, the Dutch Parliament will vote on a similar resolution proposed by CDA and D66. The German Parliament voted unanimously in favour of a resolution already a few weeks ago.


There will be a debate about the Minority SafePack Initiative in the European Parliament today and on Thursday a resolution will be on vote. Almost certainly the resolution will achieve a large majority, because five of the seven political groups tabled it. The large political support is important, because in January the European Commission will have to report on whether it will take over the proposals of the Minority SafePack Initiative. 

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