NEWS   12-04-2010

Referendum in Fryslân - FNP supported by EFA

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The FNP takes action in order to strenghten regional parliament, not abolish it.

They are supported by their EFA politicians in Europe. Plans of Dutch government to radically cut government costs in this way are called 'unacceptable' by EFA.


In the Netherlands, some parties (D66, PvdA,...) are suggesting to radically alter the structure of the country. This would involve the reduction of the number of provinces, creating larger administrative entities.


The FNP fraction in the “Provinsjale Steaten” (the provincial parliament) has reacted with the proposal of a referendum in Fryslân, giving the Frisian people the opportunity to give their opinion. They want to put the question to the inhabitants whether they would like to be absorbed into something like a “Northern part of the country”, or would prefer to strengthen the current position of the province.


On the 21st of April the FNP will make some suggestions in the “Provinsjale Steaten”, not to abolish the province but to give it more powers and responsibilities in the future. This level of administration is very important because it serves as an accessible point of contact with the authorities. This is especially true for Fryslân, as the province has a unique identity and its very own language and culture ; nowhere else in the Netherlands does a province have such strong ties with its inhabitants.


The situation reminds us of what has happened so many times before in other places in Europe, where central authorities have been trying to weaken the position of stateless nations by taking away their own level of governance. Watering down their representation reflects the democratic deficit in the EU that EFA fights against, this is unacceptable to us. We have to upgrade democracy and subsidiarity as basic principles, not weaken them.




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