NEWS   14-01-2011

FNP candidate for organisation EFA conference in 2012

Conference to be held in Fryslân March or April next year

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Brussels - Today, the FNP has put itself up for organising the EFA conference in 2012. Every year, this conference attracts about 140 participants of regional parties from all over Europe.


Contact FNP's EFA board officer Sybren Posthumus , t. +0031-566 - 602928 for more information


The conference is a 3-day gathering in which is included the General Meeting of the European Parliament party EFA (European Free Alliance). But any other European and regional matters of topical interest also come up for discussion. For instance, in the past, motions and resolutions were drafted on matters such as sea containers, the financial crisis, coastal protection and support for the islands. 


If the FNP is put in charge of organising the conference, the international delegation will descend on Leeuwarden in March or April next year. The FNP looks forward to hosting such a European gathering. Beside seven members of the European Parliament, dozens of national and regional politicians from Mallorca to Scotland and from Greece to the Åland Islands near Finland will come to Friesland. The conference is expected to attract attention from the international press and interpreters will be assisting the participants.

The FNP believes that getting the conference to Friesland fits in with a growing political party that is prepared to accept responsibility and actively takes part in issues at any level, ‘from Burgum to Brussels'. 


The EFA ( is represented with seven members in the European Parliament. Overall, the party has 40 member organisations in 16 EU member states with a total of approximately 3,000 representatives of the people at EU, national, regional and local level. 

In recent years, the conference was held in Bilbao (2007), Majorca (2008), Barcelona (2009) and Venice (2010). 




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