8 November 2023

This weekend, representatives from various European island regions are coming to Terschelling. They will talk about how solutions are found in various countries and regions to meet the demand for suitable and affordable housing for residents.

The FNP works together with the European Free Alliance (EFA), the European political party to which the FNP is affiliated. Participants are expected on Terschelling from Sicily, Sardinia, Menorca, the Basque Country, Corsica, Brittany, Cornwall, Schleswig-Holstein, the Aland Islands and from Fryslân itself.

The international participants arrive on Friday. On Saturday the program starts with four councilors from two Frisian islands and two municipalities on the mainland who will talk about what they are doing to arrange sufficient and suitable housing for their residents. The Frisian representative of housing and the area representative for the Wad will also have their say.

In the afternoon, the theme will be looked at from a European perspective: how do other islands deal with the tension on the housing market and what can the EU do about it to help the residents of the islands? Corsican MEP François Alfonsi will debate this with the official representative of the Aland Islands to the EU and with EU housing market expert Barbara Steenbergen.

Two years ago, the FNP submitted a motion at the annual EFA conference. That was part of the party’s Housing Attack Plan. The Plan of Attack describes how our islands already gave priority to their own residents and to employees who need housing there. In the meantime, national politicians also realize that such rules are also necessary on the mainland.

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