The roads in Fryslân are good, and in the coming years, no large maintenance work is required. That is why the FNP is not in favour of a new road between Snits/Sneek and Ljouwert/Leeuwarden. With the exception of some adjustments here and there to improve road safety, we do not foresee large projects for the coming 4-year period. With regard to waterways, the bridges over the Prinses Margrietkanaal has to be modernised by Rijkswaterstaat. New, large waterways are not necessary in Fryslân. The return on investments of such large, expensive project is too low, and they have a negative impact on our landscape. We also want to ensure good accessibility of our islands.


The costs of the Lelyline for the landscape do not outweigh the benefits

Another huge project that is being considered, and that is receiving ever more political momentum, is the so-called Lelyline. This fast railway connects the cities in the Randstad, the North of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Fryslân deserves good railway connections, but the costs for the landscape and the related large-scale housing projects mean that the FNP is not in favour of the plans. We feel we have to base our actions on what Fryslân actually needs. For that reason, the FNP is against a fast railway connection under the current conditions.


Future-proof public transport infrastructure

New mobility, and primarily public transport, will require substantive review in the coming years. Without substantial extra funding by the State for public transport, as a matter of general interest, it will be impossible to keep all current bus lines on the road. The FNP wants to keep towns and villages accessible, to safeguard the quality of life in the countryside, and wants to invest in a reliable and robust network of primary connections. All towns and villages in Fryslân must be connected to this primary network in some form. With the emergence of the e-bike, shorter distances are easier to bridge than before. That also means that we need good bicycle parking and more charging points. This network will have to be set up in collaboration with the municipalities. For those people who are less mobile, we have to offer possibilities to get to the primary network. In the future, the idea is to no longer have big empty buses on the road, but offer more custom travel solutions. With a robust system, and a new vision on mobility, access to public transport and quality of life will be guaranteed.


Nationally, we are seeing a (renewed) discussion about road pricing. For the FNP, it is clear that the distances that people in Fryslân (have to) travel, are generally longer, and that there are fewer reliable alternatives compared to the west of the country. This means that we feel residents of Fryslân should not be the victim of a new system. 

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