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Sijbe Knol new regional minister for FNP

The new government of BBB, CDA, FNP and ChristenUnie was inaugurated in the Frisian Parliament today. The next four years the government, with FNP-leader Sijbe Knol, will govern the province of Fryslân. New FNP-Group-leader Gerben van der Mei gave a reflection about the new government agreement and Tjitte Hemstra succeeds Sijbe Knol as Member of the Frisian Parliament.

Spatial planning, housing, energy, quality of life and culture

Sijbe Knol will be politically responsible for the remits of spatial planning, housing, energy, quality of life and culture. These are topics that are a good match with FNP. Sijbe Knol will be the person who must ensure that our rich and varied landscape remains our ‘gold.' In collaboration with the local authorities he will make sure that houses for our inhabitants can be built in all places in accordance with nature, scale and character. ‘Free to live where you want.' Another task for Sijbe is to work together with the community and the cultural sector in order to maintain and improve the quality of life.


Oparbeidzje foar Fryslân

Before the new government was inaugurated a debate took place in the Frisian Parliament about the new government agreement. The negotiations for that agreement took a long time. After Labour (PvdA) pulled out in June and the FNP joined the negotiation table, things went quickly. The motto of the agreement between BBB, CDA, FNP and ChristenUnie is ‘Oparbeidzje foar Fryslân' (working together for Fryslân).


In his reflection, FNP-Group leader Gerben van der Mei in his new role told that the FNP already accepted that it would be heading the opposition in the years to come. At the moment the party was asked to join the table, suddenly the situation was very different. The FNP has succeeded in making the most of the opportunity and made an important contribution to the new agreement.


For example we protect our landscape against large-scale housing construction, the Deltaplan voor het Noorden is abandoned and we closely monitor what the national government is doing with the development of the Lelyline railway line. The parties in the Frisian Parliament will get the opportunity to position themselves in the debate. The new government will also give local authorities the chance to build new houses in all places, in accordance with nature, scale and character.


In the field of wind energy the FNP made a small concession: also touristic entrepreneur are allowed to have short 15 meter windmills. And in the industrial areas of the four largest towns wind turbines of up to 100 meter will be allowed.


With respect to the quality of life, the FNP is happy with the new plans; the organisation Doarpswurk will remain, inhabitants will receive help with the difficult rules around organising events and the Iepen Mienskipsfûns society fund will be renewed. In the remit of culture an amount of 17.5 million euro will be invested, additional to the long term subsidies. In relation to the Frisian language, the new coalition government continues the existing policy and additionally Frisian and other regional languages will be used and gain visibility at the establishments and organisations that are being subsidised by the Province of Fryslân.


Van der Mei concludes his speech with a call upon the Frisian Parliament, and more in particular the Labour-group, to participate in the debate without hesitation. For good decision-making it is essential that all voices are heard in the coming years.


Tjitte Hemstra new Member of the Frisian Parliament

Now that Sijbe Knol joins the new regional government, Tjitte Hemstra moves to the Frisian Parliament. Tjitte is 26 years old, almost finished his study in biomedical laboratory-research. He will start a pre-master thereafter and as an inventor he has his own business. As a committee member he has already been active in the FNP-group and in the Frisian Parliament for a while.


Minister Klaas Fokkinga retires

With the inauguration of the new government it is also the last working day of Klaas Fokkinga, who three and a half years ago took over this task from his predecessor Johannes Kramer and governed important policy areas such as agriculture, quality of life, housing and heritage. I a personal farewell speech Klaas Fokkinga gave some views on his experiences as a regional minister and called for looking beyond borders and to take account for our cultural heritage. That creates opportunities and connections between people. 

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