NEWS   13-07-2023

Frisian coalition agreement 2023-2027: Oparbeidzje foar Fryslân

Dear members of FNP. On 6 July we wrote to you that FNP would take responsibility for the new coalition agreement in Fryslân. At that stage we were not able yet to write about the contents. Today, the agreement was presented to the outside world.

We are proud of the coalition agreement that we are able to present today. We would like to guide you through the things that we, the FNP, have been able to achieve. Things that are good for us and things we are happy about. A complete overview you can find in the link below this text.


‘Oparbeidzje foar Fryslân', we roll up our sleeves and start working!


The FNP Group in the Frisian Parliament


Gerben van der Mei, Dinie Visser, Sijbe Knol, Sita Land-Dotinga,

Thom Feddema, Tjitte Hemstra, Aukje Holtrop & Frank de Boer.

Letter to the FNP members (frisian)
Letter to the FNP members (dutch)
Agreement 2023-2027 (frisian)
Agreement 2023-2027 (dutch)

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