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FNP reaches agreement with BBB, CDA and ChristenUnie

Dear members of the FNP. Two weeks ago we wrote a letter to you. At that moment, we just recovered from the recommendation made by Mr. Stoffer, the “informateur” (who explores what political alliances are possible), to engage in negotiations for a new Frisian coalition government with BBB, CDA and ChristenUnie. We write you now because these negotiations were intense, constructive and fruitful. The result is an agreement for which the FNP will take responsibility.

De past two weeks were very busy and also very intense for the FNP Group and for the negotiators. It took long days to become part of a process and to ensure that the agreement includes sufficient elements that are important for the FNP. The task was clear and we carefully considered the input from many people. Furthermore, we consulted several members of our party and asked for their input: aldermen, councillors, our board and several members. The fact that there is an agreement within such a short time is also made possible because of the flexibility and constructive attitude of BBB, CDA and ChristenUnie. That is something worth mentioning.


And what is next? You will understand that we cannot say much yet about the contents of the agreement. Next week, the Frisian Parliament as the highest political body in Fryslân will receive the coalition agreement. A little later the agreement will be presented to the outside  world. That will be the moment that our group, in cooperation with the FNP-board will send you a comprehensive newsletter, which will summarize the things that we were able to include in the agreement. the things that we cheer upon and the things we like.


Just like always is the case with any agreement, we also had to give in on some points. The other parties moved in the direction of the FNP. This made it into an agreement of the four parties that will become the new coalition government. That was necessary. The FNP has a history of more than 61 years already, is represented in 10 local executives and we have a nice group of councillors: we matter! Where needed, we take our responsibility, but we remain true to our principles.


We will keep you informed.


The FNP Group in the Frisian Parliament


Gerben van der Mei, Dinie Visser, Sijbe Knol, Sita Land-Dotinga,

Thom Feddema, Tjitte Hemstra, Aukje Holtrop & Frank de Boer.

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