NEWS   31-01-2023

1500 rain butts for the people in Fryslân!

The Province of Fryslân has a new scheme that allows the inhabitants to receive a rain butt for free. The Province provides no less than 1500 rain butts.

"Let's get it started!" (Sijbe Knol)

Knol; ‘If all houses in Fryslân would install a rain butt, then every day we could save 5 million litres of water. That is the equivalent of two olympic swimming pools.'


In times of dry summers and pressure on the availability of accessible fresh water it will become a necessity to retain water for a longer period, according to the FNP.


In 2019 the FNP proposed the scheme while negotiating for the new coalition agreement. The FNP is glad that the scheme has come at last.

Tags: Klimaatferoaring, Wetter


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