NEWS   04-11-2022

FNP very worried about indolence of province in regard to Frisian at the university of Groningen

The FNP in the Frisian Parliament has a lot of questions in regard to the search for a successor of the previous professor Frisian Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. In the upcoming years research and education in the Frisian language will no longer be the responsibility of a full professor, but of an assistant-professor. The FNP is asking written questions and is baffled that the provincial executive so easily accepted the approach that the university chose.

One year ago the provincial executive demanded a full-fledged academic chair for the Frisian language at the University of Groningen and threatened to halt funding. The approach that was chosen by the university now does not seem to satisfy that criterion. Why did that position change? What was discussed in the talks with the university? And how does that fit into the national and international obligations in regard to Frisian at the university? Is there a need to concretise these undertakings?


FNP is of the opinion that the government must guarantee the existence of a full-fledged university study of Frisian and the possibility to do research at an academic level. With the loss of a full professor Frisian that ideal moves further out of sight.


Spokesperson Sijbe Knol: 'There feeling of urgency is totally missing, the awareness that potentially a historic mistake is made here and now. I'm also baffled by the silence amongst politicians, it is way too quiet.'


Education and research at the university is very important because it delivers the skilled persons that are needed in e.g. education, the media and government in Fryslân. Fryslân has strong ambitions for Frisian, such as the Language Plan 2030. For these ambitions good people are required. One of the conditions to succeed is a full-fledged study Frisian language and culture at university. Education must be available, attractive and accessible for potential students. 

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