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FNP wants debate in the Frisian Parliament about Lelylijn-railway / Deltaplan

FNP in the Frisian Parliament requested a debate in the Frisian Parliament about the plans for the Lelylijn railway and the Deltaplan for the North, the masterplan for the construction of thousands of houses in the northern part of the Netherlands. These plans are so wide and have so many different spatial and political aspects that they cannot pass without a decmocratic debate in the Frisian Parliament. The debate should take place before the summer break. That is what FNP writes in the request to the Agenda Committee of the Parliament.

"For FNP it already has taken much too long" (Sijbe Knol on a debate about Lelylijn and Deltaplan)

The reason for the request by FNP are the results of the analysis of the cost-effectiveness, the so-called Quickscan-MKBA (Study Part B) about the Deltaplan, which the regional government recently sent to the Frisian Parliament. On 16 June 2021 a committee meeting took place about the Deltaplan. That meeting mainly discussed the procedure, because at that time there were no studies or policy documents available for a discussion on the substance of the masterplan.


FNP leader Sijbe Knol: ‘The Deltaplan is such a major plan with such a wide scope, including financially, and reaches so far into the future, that the Frisian Parliament must have a profound debate. Just think; it is not just about infrastructure, mobility and good connections, but also about economic structure and large-scale housing construction. It affects the whole spectrum of spatial, landscape, economic, social and cultural policies of the Province of Fryslân, the Frisian municipalities and the national level as well.'


Knol: ‘It is also about the cooperation between authorities, about democratic decision-making in such major projects, about the role of local councils, about ownership amongst the population and participation of the Frisian inhabitants. All these aspects need to be discussed. Currently the plans are still very much a technical assessment, with all the studies that were produced. We want, just like earlier in analyses of the cost-effectiveness of projects, to hear the opinion of the researchers. In such a major and impactful project, a full democratic treatment is necessary, with information, hearings and committee meetings. For FNP it already has taken much too long.'

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