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Sister party SSW succeeded, can also FNP enter national parliament?

In the elections for the Bundestag last September, the SSW party of the Danish and Frisian minorities in Germany succeeded entering the German parliament. As a single Member of Parliament next to six political groups of between 39 and 206 seats each. How did the new MP Stefan Seidler and SSW do it? And would FNP be able to pull it off too?

In four panels, representatives of FNP and SSW will start a debate with each other, followed by questions and discussion with the audience. Those who follow the livestream also have the opportunity to ask questions.


The first panel will be about the political system in both countries and how the discussion about participation in national elections has evolved in the parties over the years. Why is it that SSW decided to run for elections now, for the first time since 60 years? It will be followed by a panel with SSW-MP Stefan Seidler and FNP-leader Sijbe Knol about the subjects that a regional party should focus on. And what can Seidler learn from the one-person parties in the Dutch parliament? In the third panel, SSW will explain how they planned and executed their campaign. The conference will conclude with an evaluation of the benefits the election campaign brought to SSW and we will try to draw lessons and find parallels.



The conference will be on Saturday afternoon 20 November from 14:00-17:00 hr in Breklum (Germany) en will be livestreamed though the social media of FNP. From 17:00 hr there will be the opportunity for the media to ask questions one-on-one with the representatives of FNP and SSW.

We would be very grateful if you write us in advance that you will come or want to use the possibility (by phone) to make use of the press moment. You can write us at



FNP - Fryske Nasjonale Partij                        SSW - Südschleswigsche Wählerverband

Founded in 1962                                              Founded in 1948

650.000 inhabitants of Fryslân                          50.000 Danes and 50.000 (North-)Frisians

In government in Fryslân from 2011                   In government in Schleswig-Holstein from 2012-2017

                                                                       In Bundestag from 2021 (1 seat)


The conference is made possible with the contribution of the European Free Alliance  (EFA), the European party of which both FNP and SSW are members. 


This event received financial support from the European Parliament . The contents of the project/event are the sole responsibility of FNP,  SSW and EFA, and the European Parliament cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 

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