NEWS   22-04-2021

Gerben van der Mei installed as member of FNP group in Frisian Parliament

Gerben van der Mei has been installed as a new member of the FNP group in Frisian Parliament. He is succeeding Sybren Posthumus who has left active politics after more than 10 years in duty as Provincial Council Member and more than 15 years as the linking pin between the FNP in Fryslân and the EFA group in European Parliament.

"I feel inspired to set my mark for Fryslân" (Gerben van der Mei as new member of FNP group)

Van der Mei will take over the portfolio managed by Posthumus in its entirety. This includes the subjects Finances, Economy, Recreation and Tourism as well as European Affairs. The FNP group is confident Van der Mei is perfectly capable of managing these subjects considering his professional career in finances. As stated by Van der Mei himself: 'I feel inspired from this professional background and as a member of FNP to set my mark for Fryslân'. 


Gerben van der Mei was professionally educated as a tax lawyer. He has been an independent fiscal advisor since 1994. Within the FNP he has been a party board member at the local level in his home county Frjentsjerteradiel (1999-2015) where he also has been a council member (2002-2010), including 4 years as the local FNP group leader. He is much involved in regional community issues. Formerly he has been a board member of the Regional Commission (Gebietsplan) in the salt-mining subsidence area of Northwest-Fryslân. Furthermore he is known as treasurer of several local and regional trusts and as chair of the local council of his home village Tsjummearum/Furdgum (2012-2019).

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