NEWS   02-12-2020

Frisian government wants cooperation with the Antilles to enshrine Frisian, Papiamento and English in the constitution

Answers to written questions from the Frisian National Party (FNP) make clear that the Frisian government thinks that Frisian belongs in the Dutch Basic Law. It would enhance the status of the language and be a strong impetus to the further implementation of Frisian in other laws and legislation. In order to achieve that, Fryslân wants to cooperate with the governments of the other countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. FNP is pleased with the answers, but has a number of additional questions.

"more powerful lobby required" (Sijbe Knol about Frisian in the constitution)

The party pushes for a strong proactive lobby, now that the government has spoken out so clearly that it is still a keen proponent of enshrining Frisian in the Dutch Basic Law. There is no need for the Frisian government to wait until the national government starts a new attempt to enshrine the dominant language, Dutch, in the constitution.


Sijbe Knol: ‘we find it a bit peculiar that some parties that two years ago decided to terminate the procedure, now call for the incorporation of Frisian in the Basic Law during the election campaign. But we believe that we must seize the opportunity. And that is during the runup to the next elections and the formation of a new government.'


FNP is also pleased that the Frisian government wants to establish contacts with the governments of the other countries of the Kingdom, with Curacao, Aruba and St. Maarten, in order to achieve that not just Frisian, but also English and Papiamentu will be incorporated in the constitution. It will strengthen the lobby vis à vis The Hague. Moreover, earlier objections raised concerning the previous proposal from 2010 to incorporate Frisian in the Basic Law by the Council of State would be neutralised if there is a combined effort to enshrine all three languages in the constitution. 

Antwoordbrief gs over fries in de grondwet
Aanvullende schriftelijke vragen over het fries in de grondwet

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