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Retain European structural funds for regional development

The annual EFA conference for regional parties in Europe, held not very long ago, has adopted two motions submitted by the FNP. The first motion pleaded for more regional input in the so-called ‘Conference on the Future of Europe'. The second motion by the FNP was aimed at ensuring that any new European money spent on a socially acceptable energy transition would not be at the expense of existing funding for regional development, but have the form of additional funding. Fryslân has always profited greatly from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

"Retain European funding for regional development" (Sybren Posthumus)

Just Transition

The transition to a green and climate-neutral economy should not have negative socio-economic consequences such as unemployment in regions that have long been dependent on the fossil mining industry. As part of the European Green Deal, the European Union has implemented preventative measures as part of the so-called ‘Just Transition Mechanism'. The FNP is also of the opinion that negative social consequences of the energy transition have to be prevented.


In its EFA motion, the FNP stated that this ‘Just Transition Mechanism' should not replace existing EU programmes for regional development. FNP spokesperson Sybren Posthumus: "The FNP warns that national governments have the tendency to withdraw national co-financing for existing projects when new funds are set up. This also applies to the Dutch government. The withdrawal of co-financing from The Hague would mean that programmes that are of crucial importance for e.g. agriculture, the countryside as a whole and community centres in Fryslân would end. Old and new European money have to complement each other, as far as the FNP is concerned."


Future of Europe

The European Union wants to organise a ‘Conference on the Future of Europe'; a broad civic discussion to give more publicity to European institutions and the democratic process within the European Union. The FNP supports such a discussion. Posthumus: "It offers everyone an opportunity to contribute to the discussion, not just the elite from the nations' capitals, but also gives a voice to the countryside, the regions and minority areas. We want the European Union to improve its democratic process. In our motion, we explain that the elected members from local and regional parliaments should be invited to the table, instead of only a few Euro-MPs from the national parties."


Because of the Corona pandemic, the EFA conference was held online this year. The FNP motions will be brought before the European Parliament by the EFA party and defended before the European Commission.

FNP motion just transition fund
FNP motion conference on the future of europe
EFA political Statement 2020 okt 1th

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