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European parties support FNP appeal against shooting meadow birds

The motion by the FNP, to prevent the shooting and consumption of protected meadow birds in France, was supported by a large majority at the EFA conference. That was the outcome today at the annual conference of the European parliament party EFA in Brussels. The MEPs from the EFA will now set to work with the motion by the FNP, to realize this.

"It is time to turn the tide" (Wopke Veenstra on protected meadow birds)

The FNP wishes to see a general ban on hunting and consuming the protected meadow birds. The party is mainly concerned with godwits, but also other meadow birds such as the lapwing, redshank, oystercatcher and common curlew. According to the FNP spokesperson Wopke Veenstra, “it is atrocious that in France meadow birds will maybe be shot again. In this way, all the efforts which as many as 3,000 volunteers from the Association of Friesian Bird Protection Patrols [BFVW] make and the € 9 million input from the province appear to be thrown away. Since 1960, the number of godwits has decreased in total by 68%, it is time to turn the tide.”


Energy collaboration

In addition, the FNP successfully asked for attention to collaboration in the area of sustainable energy. The EFA will therefore set up a working group which will stimulate good cross-border methods of sustainable energy. In other words, alternatives for energy sources which are very harmful to the landscape, nature or the environment. Other motions which the FNP supported concern more democracy within the EU and the preservation of beautiful landscapes. Finally, FNP member Olrik Bouma was re-elected for another 6 years on the board of the EFA.



The EFA (European Free Alliance) is a party in the European parliament with 11 MEPs who come from almost 50 member organizations from throughout Europe. The FNP has been one of the affiliated parties since the EFA was set up.

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