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FNP resolution opposing nuclear waste storage in salt domes

Action to be taken by EFA/Greens in EU Parliament

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The Frisian National Party proposes a resolution to be presented in the European Parliament opposing storage of nuclear waste underground. Salt domes in the Northern Netherlands have been indicated as suitable for end disposal of radioactive materials. 


Sybren Posthumus


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The FNP will present a resolution opposing storage of nuclear waste in salt domes at the EFA (European Free Alliance) members meeting in Mariehamn (Ǻland-islands) on april 15th, 2011.  In Asse/Gorleben (Germany) it has become obvious that storage in salt domes brings along considerable safety hazards. Cleaning up will result in a bill worth several billions of Euro's. 


The European Commission will force EU member states to apply underground storage when no action is taken. This becomes apparent when reading the proposed new Directive on nuclear waste management by the Commission. Cases like Asse/Gorleben in Germany show there is no reliable solution for underground end storage as yet. The EFA/Greens Parliamentary Group have committed an expert report on this matter.


The FNP holds the opinion that investments have to be done in ways of producing truely renewable energy, not in disposal of nuclear waste in salt domes. When the resolution is adopted the EFA/Greens members of EU Parliament will be asked to oppose against the proposed Directive.



The Frisian National Party has been one of the founding members of the EFA Parliamentary Group in Europe in 1979. 

Mr. Sybren Posthumus holds a seat for FNP as Member of the EFA Bureau



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