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EFA in action for Omrop Fryslân

Call for action to European Parliament, Commissioner and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte

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The European Free Alliance (EFA), the European parliament party which the FNP is a member of, is working on concrete actions regarding the future of the regional broadcasting station Omrop Fryslân.


Sybren Posthumus, FNP spokesperson European Affairs


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For example, letters have been sent to the chairman of the European parliament (Martin Schulz), the European commissioner Mrs Vassiliou (Media and multilingualism) and Prime Minister Rutte who has final responsibility for the Dutch government policy. The letters from the EFA urge the EU and the Dutch government to take responsibility and to act on the basis of the policy of the EU aimed at a pluralistic media system and the promotion of multilingualism.

In addition, a letter has been sent to the Dutch government and the Provincial Executiveof Friesland has also received a copy of the resolution from the EFA. 


By means of these actions, the EFA and the FNP want Omrop Fryslân to continue to exist as an independent broadcaster for Friesland and want there to be sufficient budget in the future to offer a varied and complete range of programmes. The letters to the various policymakers concern current issues, because State Secretary Dekker (VVD) wishes to incorporate the regional broadcasting stations within one central system. Despite motions from the Provincial Executive of Friesland and from the Lower House, Dekker does not consider the position of Omrop Fryslân to be exceptional.


The FNP drew up the resolution, which was unanimously accepted during the members' meeting (GA) of the EFA, in collaboration with an expert international lawyer. The FNP is therefore aware that the EU and the Netherlands cannot get round the own determined EU policy just like that, a policy to protect language diversity, to promote regional languages and to encourage pluralism in the media.



The letters which were sent to the chairman of the European parliament, the European commissioner and Prime Minister Rutte can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Letter to European Commissioner Vassiliou

Letter to Dutch Prime Minister Rutte

Letter to chairman of the European Parliament Mr. Schulz 



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