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SNP wins vote Scotland

Congratulations on behalf of the Frisian National Party

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EDINBURG - The Scottish National Party (SNP) has become the largest party by far in Scotland. After Thursday's elections the SNP has obtained an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament. The party has won 69 out of 129 seats. SNP have constituted a minority government in Scotland for the last four years. Bearing this in mind the election results can be called an overwhelming succes.  


Sybren Posthumus, member of Provincial Council for FNP, member of the Board for European Free Alliance 


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The SNP have made a promise that Scotland wille see a referendum within the next four years. The Scots will be able then to give their opinion on independence from Great-Britain. Scotland has been united with England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom since 1707. Scotland has quite some autonomy within the Kingdom. Nevertheless many voices are heard proposing even more home rule for the Scots.  


The SNP is a sister party of the FNP. Along with other regional parties they constitute the European Free Alliance (EFA) in the European Parliament.

Congratulations on behalf of the FNP for the excellent election results in Scotland !

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