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EFA conference 2012 to be held in Fryslân

FNP hosts participants from 40 different European regions march 22-25 next year

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Brussels - Today, the FNP has succeeded in securing the organization of the 2012 EFA conference for Fryslân. After putting itsels up as candidate in the last half year, today the General Comittee of the European political party the European Free Alliance has decided definitively that the international conference is to be awarded to Ljouwert. The conference is to be held from march 22-25 next year. The gathering attracts about 140 participants of regional political parties from all over Europe.  


Sybren Posthumus

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The FNP looks forward to hosting such a European gathering. The conference will take three days, during which the General Meeting of the EFA is to be held.


Besides that other European and regional matters of topical interest wille also come up for discussion. For instance, in the past, motions and resolutions were drafted on matters such as see containers, the financial crisis, coastal protection and economic support for island communities. Apart from the 7 EFA members of Parliament, dozens of national and regional politicians from Mallorca to Scotland and from Greece to the Aland Islands near Finland will be attending the conference.

The conference is expected to attract the attention of the international press and interpreters will be assisting the participants.


The FNP believes that by bringing the conference to Fryslân it can make a statement being as growing political party that is taking up responsability and is actively taking part in issues at any level from Europe to local. Recently FNP has taken a seat in the Provincial Executive of Fryslân.


The EFA ( is represented with seven members in the European Parliament. Overall, the party has 40 member organisations in 16 EU member states with a total of approximately 3,000 representatives at EU, state, regional and local level.

In recent years, the conference was held in Bilbao (2007), Mallorca (2008), Barcelona (2009) and Venice (2010). The FNP was one of seven founding members of EFA in 1981.




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