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Posthumus (FNP) gives an introduction about the consequences of the Euro crisis

Summer university of the Plaid Cymru in Wales

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At the end of July, provincial councillor Sybren Posthumus held an introduction in Wales (Llangrannog) about the consequences of the Euro crisis for Friesland. He held this introduction at a summer university of the Plaid Cymru, the sister party of the FNP in Wales.


Sybren Posthumus, FNP spokesperson for European affairs

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At this summer university, talented young members and active politicians of the Plaid Cymru attend training courses and courses on subjects such as the economy, the future of the healthcare system, sustainable communities and PR for the elections.


The introduction by Posthumus concerned, on the one hand, the negative consequences, for example the increasing rate of unemployment, the Dutch national debt and the large number of bankruptcies. However, on the other hand, his aim was to point out in particular the opportunities that are present. How companies become inventive and creative by means of professional expertise and the new media. How Friesland wishes to become completely independent with regard to energy, and that Friesland is investing in broadband and sustainable solutions for the future.


Numerous experts addressed the summer university, such as Alfred Bosch (the Catalonian member of the Spanish parliament), Leanne Wood (party leader of the Plaid Cymru), Jill Evans (MEP) and Professor Jones (Professor of Economy).


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Location of the Plaid Cymru summer university in Llangrannog




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