NEWS   09-06-2011

Traineeship EFA bureau on offer

EFA-stagiare for 5 months in Brussels

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The EFA, the European political organization of regional parties, is seeking to hire a trainee for 5 months (december 2011-april 2012). Tasks will be in accordance with his/her skills and abilities as much as possible. A keen interest in European affairs, language skills and PC/computer skills are required.   

Read the text of the job offer here, and more information. Deadline for reception of candidacies is september 30, 12.00.


Candidates in Fryslân / The Netherlands can get more information by contacting 

mr. Douwe Bylsma, president FNP's EFA-commission (058 - 2571635,

or mr. Sybren Posthumus, member of the EFA Bureau (0566 - 602928,

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