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Jubilee year 2012 - FNP active in Friesland for 50 years

The jubilee year to begin with a large symposium - Prof. James Kennedy speaker on 14 January

James Kennedy 


Prof. Dr. James Kennedy



One of the speakers at the symposium will be Prof. Dr. James Kennedy. Kennedy was born and bred in America and has been working in the Netherlands since 2003; first as professor of Modern History at the VU Amsterdam, and since 2007 as professor of Dutch History at the University of Amsterdam. Kennedy is mainly concerned with issues to do with the church, the state and civil society.

Frieda Brepoels, member of the European Parliament for the EFA, has also been invited to speak at this symposium.



For more information about the jubilee program:


Ate Eijer, mail or phone +0031 - (0) 516-463185



On Saturday 14 January, the FNP, the Frisian National Party, is organizing in the restaurant De Buitenplaats in Eernewoude the symposium ‘Identity: Strengths and Opportunities'. This symposium will focus on the identity of the party, and especially on the opportunities of the FNP for the future. The party believes that it is not nearly finished and that its work for the interests of Friesland, with its unique language and rich culture, must continue.


The symposium is one of the events being held to mark the jubilee year of the party. In 2012, the FNP is celebrating its 50th jubilee. During those fifty years, a great deal has changed, and the party has grown from a small group of idealists into a mature party with its people and influence in all the political posts in Friesland. The FNP therefore wishes to mark this jubilee in style. The year 2012 will be a year filled with celebrations of this 50th jubilee with, among other events, the European EFA conference to be held in the WTC in Leeuwarden in March.




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