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European strategy on Friesland with more focus on future

Seeking alternatives for 'traditional' subsidies in decline

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In the Citizen and Community Committee meeting of 2 October, the FNP will ask the Provincial Executive for a European strategy which is more focused on the future. The reason for this is the decrease in ‘traditional' European support for regional development and agriculture. According to the party, Friesland is not making enough use of alternative subsidies from ‘new' European programmes such as ICT or innovation.  


Sybren Posthumus, FNP spokesperson for European Affairs

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FNP Spokesperson for Europe, Sybren Posthumus, points to the new policy plan ‘Europe 2020' of the European Union. "Since this change has now become a fact, we are asking the Provincial Executive for a Plan B. We are receiving signals from Brussels that Friesland is making relatively too little use of ‘new' European programmes which are important for the future. In its plan ‘Europe 2020', the European Commission has dozens of programmes which people can utilize, for example the Broadband/ICT strategy by European Commissioner Kroes. "Friesland began relatively late with tapping into these new funds." 


The FNP would like to have an overview of all the figures so that the Provincial Executive can assess to what extent there are actual alternatives. Everything which has to do with the sustainable and inclusive growth strategy of the EU requires a different approach. Not a strategy aimed at holding onto matters from the past, but a strategy focused on investments for the future. The FNP wants an innovative and competitive economy and community so that Friesland will continue to have a future in Europe and the world.


Tomorrow, the FNP will also ask what will happen to the existing ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) subsidies. In a report by the regional broadcasting station Omrop Fryslân about the lobby in The Hague and in SNN (Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance) documents, it is stated that subsidies for our region will be reduced by as much as € 15 million during the coming years. The reason for this is because the state wishes a different distribution of funds over the Netherlands, so that Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe will not receive 45% of the amount, but as little as 10%. That is a massive decrease of 78%!  

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