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Gas and Salt Production: European Party Visits Friesland

EFA representatives inspect extent of damage

Leeuwarden-On Friday, March 13th, the European Free Alliance (EFA)group in the European Parliament will visit the gas and salt production region in North-West Friesland. The EFA will come from Brussels with three representatives, who want to see for themselves the extent of the damage to homes, commercial property, and water works resulting from the salt and gas production in the area.


With this information, the party will be able to engage at a European level, because similar problems exist in many other areas in Europe, such as Wales, and Lusatia in Germany. At the EFA conference that will be held in Bautzen (in Lusatia, Germany) from April 16th through 19th, the subject of damage caused by mining will be extensively discussed.


The visit will start at 10:00 AM in the village ofWinaam (Wijnaldum)at the oldconsistory (address: Tsjerke­paad 3, 8857 BJ Winaam). The excursion through the area will be guidedby repre­sen­tatives of the ‘Winamerbelang' association. An FNP delegation will participate as well. At noon, a shared press conference of the FNP and the EFA will be held at the old consistory.


Apart from visiting the gas and salt production area in North-West Friesland, the EFA will also participate in a number of FNP election events: on Friday evening it will attend the youth debate at the De Brescenter  in Leeuwarden; on Saturday it will join the FNPtour (from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the corner of Breedpad, Dracht, and Lindegrachtstreets in Heeren­veen,and from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM on WilhelminapleinSquare in Leeuwarden. On Sunday, the EFA delegates will join the FNP at the visitors center of the Woudagemaalmill inLemmer.


The EFA (European Free Alliance, has a 12-member representationin the European Parliament. Together with the Greens, the EFA/Greens constitute the 4th-largest group in the parliament. The FNP is one of 40 regional parties from all over Europe who jointly form the EFA. As a founding member, it has been represented by a member in the EFA's executive  bureau for over 30 years. The EFA's member organizations originate in 17 EU member states.

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