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Frisian Parliament adopts motion of censure against European Commission

Today, the Frisian Parliament unanimously adopted a motion of censure against the European Commission. In response to the citizens’ initiative Minority SafePack, the Commission refused to initiate new policy and legislation for national minorit ...

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Europäische Kommission bekommt Tadelsantrag vom Friesischen Parlament

Das Friesische Parlament hat heute einstimmig einen Tadelsantrag an die Europäische Kommission verabschiedet. Die Kommission hat es letzte Woche im Hinblick auf die Bürgerinitiative Minority SafePack abgelehnt neue politische Maßnahme ...

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Fryslân foursquare behind Minority SafePack Initiative

Today the Frisian Parliament voted on a resolution in support of an initiative that has a long history. It is important for the position of languages such as Frisian and also for democracy and the involvement of citizens in the European Union. ...

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Frisian parties are backing Minority SafePack

A very large majority in the Frisian Parliament wants that the European Union, in its legislation and policy, takes into account the national minorities and the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists across Europe. ...

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Frisian government wants cooperation with the Antilles to enshrine Frisian, Papiamento and English in the constitution

Answers to written questions from the Frisian National Party (FNP) make clear that the Frisian government thinks that Frisian belongs in the Dutch Basic Law. It would enhance the status of the language and be a strong impetus to the further implement ...

FNP Fryslan Willemstad, cura&ccedi

Frisian National Party: include Frisian and Papiamento in the supreme law of the Kingdom

Now that in the beginning of next year there will be elections for the Dutch national parliament, some parties once again propose to enshrine Frisian into the Dutch Constitution. The Frisian National Party (FNP) finds it regrettable that the current ...

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