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FNP Fryslan EFA-cong

EFA unanimously supports FNP-motion on housing

Today, FNP received unanimous support at the EFA-congress in Brussels for its motion on housing. With this motion the party wants to create more space for measures in the area of housing and makes a call for using the available European programmes to ...

FNP Fryslan Welsh

Plaid Cymru and the Welsh elections

Founded in 1925, Plaid Cymru is a social democratic party that advocates for independence for Wales. Plaid Cymru’s ambition is to build a national bilingual Welsh community based on equal citizenship and respect for different traditions and cul ...

FNP Fryslan Gerben van der

Gerben van der Mei installed as member of FNP group in Frisian Parliament

Gerben van der Mei has been installed as a new member of the FNP group in Frisian Parliament. He is succeeding Sybren Posthumus who has left active politics after more than 10 years in duty as Provincial Council Member and more than 15 years as the l ...

FNP Fryslan Catal

FNP: serious questions about lifting immunity Catalan MEPs

The FNP Group in the Frisian Parliament has serious questions about the decision of the European Parliament to lift the immunity of three Catalan Members of the European Parliament. The way in which a majority of the MEPs threw their colleagues under ...

FNP Fryslan Roel fal

In memoriam Roel Falkena 1936-2021

EFA is saddened to hear of the passing of Roelof Falkena, co-founder of the European Free Alliance and member of the Frisian movement. ...

FNP Fryslan European commis

Frisian Parliament adopts motion of censure against European Commission

Today, the Frisian Parliament unanimously adopted a motion of censure against the European Commission. In response to the citizens’ initiative Minority SafePack, the Commission refused to initiate new policy and legislation for national minorit ...

FNP Fryslan Europäische kommis

Europäische Kommission bekommt Tadelsantrag vom Friesischen Parlament

Das Friesische Parlament hat heute einstimmig einen Tadelsantrag an die Europäische Kommission verabschiedet. Die Kommission hat es letzte Woche im Hinblick auf die Bürgerinitiative Minority SafePack abgelehnt neue politische Maßnahme ...

FNP Fryslan Berlay

Fryslân foursquare behind Minority SafePack Initiative

Today the Frisian Parliament voted on a resolution in support of an initiative that has a long history. It is important for the position of languages such as Frisian and also for democracy and the involvement of citizens in the European Union. ...

FNP Fryslan Logo br

Frisian parties are backing Minority SafePack

A very large majority in the Frisian Parliament wants that the European Union, in its legislation and policy, takes into account the national minorities and the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists across Europe. ...

FNP Fryslan EFA

Retain European structural funds for regional development

The annual EFA conference for regional parties in Europe, held not very long ago, has adopted two motions submitted by the FNP. The first motion pleaded for more regional input in the so-called ‘Conference on the Future of Europe'. The second m ...

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