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FNP Fryslan Gerben van der

Gerben van der Mei installed as member of FNP group in Frisian Parliament

Gerben van der Mei has been installed as a new member of the FNP group in Frisian Parliament. He is succeeding Sybren Posthumus who has left active politics after more than 10 years in duty as Provincial Council Member and more than 15 years as the l ...

FNP Fryslan EFA

Retain European structural funds for regional development

The annual EFA conference for regional parties in Europe, held not very long ago, has adopted two motions submitted by the FNP. The first motion pleaded for more regional input in the so-called ‘Conference on the Future of Europe'. The second m ...

FNP Fryslan Eu

Open up a Europe Direct centre in Fryslân

The Frisian National Party FNP wants a Europe Direct centre to be set up in the province of Fryslân. This is an information centre where citizens, governments, businesses and organisations can get free information and advice about Europe. The F ...

FNP Fryslan Grootfoto FNP klaas Fokkinga 21

New representative for FNP Klaas Fokkinga

The FNP has got a new representative for the Provincial Executive of Fryslân, since the 22th of januar this will be Klaas Fokkinga. Fokkinga is replacing Johannes Kramer, who became mayor of Noardeast-Fryslân. ...

FNP Fryslan Minority safepack initia

Minority SafePack Initiative

Sign the petition now and help provide a better future for the language communities of Europe. ...

FNP Fryslan Skea ierdbev

As earth trembles again, Fryslân and Groningen protest against gas extraction

Thousands are seeking compensation over damages to houses · Sinking of land is a cause of concern · Nationalia speaks to Frisian National Party representative on current issues and future challenges ...

FNP Fryslan Referendum calatoni&e

FNP addresses the Dutch government regarding the course of the Catalonian referendum

The Spanish state must stop violating human rights and frustrating the democratic process with a referendum in Catalonia. The Provincial Council of the FNP has written a letter about this to mr. Koenders, Minister of Foreign Affairs. ...

FNP Fryslan Sec

Substainable Energy conference (SEC-2017) for a Europe of the Regions. 27 and 28 October, Leeuwarden, Fryslân.

With support of the OSF (Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie) the European Free Alliance (EFA) is organizing the Sustainable Energy Conference (SEC). The conference is open for registration (at conferences(at)e-f-a(dot)org). ...

FNP Fryslan Logo EFA

FNP-top to attend conference in Katowice

From the 30th of March till de 2nd of April 6 members of the FNP will attend the EFA-congress in Katowice (Poland). ...

FNP Fryslan FNP

FNP meeting EFA-MEPS in Brussels

Programme december 6 and 7, 2016 ...

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